About EFS

Low Management

Protect:EFS's ising consistent also will continue to follow strict management regulation to most availably protect our customers and company oneself.We can reply any challenge and always put a safe guarantee at first.

Anti- wash money:According to the definition of the United States whole country futures committee(ASIC), those make use of a financing institution will pass illegal or the crime means gain of the incomes changes wash money for activities gain by legality.Wash money usually through 3 steps.Square one deposit money into the financing institution.The second step, carry on the financial bargain of small scope little risk, turn the Yu sum to other bank accounts, for example futures bank account, make money of the true source be misty.The third step, turn a funds to return to a market, make of the good elephant come from a legal outlet, for example the close futures hand over bank account and beat in a Yu sum a bank account.The futures trades the company's(FCM) bargain bank account drive probably Be wash the outlet of money or the real source of the in order to misty funds.The American government request serving the financing institution of sex includes futures bargain a company and recommends broker and watch out for customer bank account in may carry on of wash money behavior, and adopt measure to take in to obstruct, discover and report a suspicious activity.

The EFS adopts the following measure arrestment to wash money :

The customer needs to provide a valid identity certificate material.

Keep customer identity material

Insure customer according to the list provide isn't a terrorist or the suspicion of terrorist

Tell the customer they provide of the material probably will be with the Wu confirmed them of identity

Close direct the customer's bargain circumstance

Don't accept cash, cash bank draft, the third square remittance, trading post transfer, or the west be allied(Western Union) of transfer

Keep secret a policy:
Need the applicant provides as follows personal data to identify customer's identity with the Wu and examine bank account and set up bank account

Applicant's full name.

Family and work unit address

IFamily and work unit telephone

E-mail address

Marital status

Have the identity certificate of signature and photograph, if drive to shine on, passport

Income condition, such as estimate year income, clean property value, variable sell a property, trade the acceptance ability of experience moderate breezes insurance

Open an account bank data

Collect the above-mentioned data needs to be advertise for the customer agree.If applicant's brush-off provides a necessary information, the EFShas power to deny to cut off his application.The EFSis the customer's personal data according to the provision preservation of the federal government and insure customer's personal information of of safety. We use one of your data to provide a service for you and manage your bank account.Unless the American law organization is like the tax administration department, court, federal, state government or local other management the organization puts forward a request toward us, we not with the third square totally uses customer's information, don't reveal or sell the lately old customer's personal data.All friendly intercourse telephones all have a recording back up.

The risk hint

The foreign exchange security deposit bargain uses a door and can open exhibition foreign exchange to trade on the foundation of high margin.For example, the amount of money can let for the investment of USD 1,000 customer the business value amount to any particular currency of USD 100,000.If the customer adopts the biggest valid margin to carry on bargain, at this time if a certain currency floats 1% to another rate of exchange of currency or more, so the customer will probably lose all of it to invest.

The rate of exchange meeting of of currency in all countries because of the economic and political affairs of various each kind but volatile.

In the havings and the related bargain of customer's bank account, the EFS will act as a role of trade the object.This mean a customer with in the bargain with act as corpus of the business currency of the EFS.

The EFS has power Wu any particular time to decide if write off EFS the much cleaner head of a certain currency hold perhaps clean short seller ready cash in the cash market.

What EFS representative express relevant a certain currency future any standpoint of the price trend just pure meaning up of standpoint, don't represent the standpoint of EFS, and be free from assurance of any way.If anyone because trust originally the website provide of information but establishment decision, Be or is not, the EFS won't undertake a responsibility to any the loss which cause from here;Also wrong slow because of providing the Zhi of information, not accurate, mistake, perhaps the careless omission cause of the loss be responsible for.