About EFS

Our Advantages


  • EFS has a professional, high-quality technical development team, accumulated many years of experience in the website, mobile platform and MT4 plug-in or API, and developed a number of important functions on the MT4 platform and website.

  • EFS provides customers with advanced and efficient MetaTrader4 (MT4) trading platform and ECN trading platform; its own server group and network equipment make the platform stable and reliable. At the same time, EFS uses VeriSign, an industry-leading network security service provider, as a global network security partner. The gateway uses the industry's highest standards of 256-bit advanced encryption technology. Perfect hardware, software and network security make EFS's trading platform fast and stable. The one-stop service of the official website not only ensures the smooth and smooth transaction, but also ensures the safety of customers using the platform and funds.

  • With the technology of connecting the two major banks in the UK and two major credit card payment gateways, the online deposit is safe and reliable, and it can be instantly sent to the MT4 trading account. The process is completely unmanned.

    The integrated brokerage management and customer management system of the website and trading system enables the introducing broker to efficiently manage the business of the customer under the name, analyze the trading status of the customer, view the commission status, and assign the salesman to develop the customer. Introducing brokers can also connect to the online advertising system, arrange their own advertising, and track the customer status of related advertisements through the system.

    Intelligent transaction management system, directly connected to the international foreign exchange market for uninterrupted trading

    Support multi-account management, customers can open multiple accounts according to different investment strategies, better manage funds

    Can implement online direct transfer and flexible processing of funds

    Support fund management, can operate and manage multiple trading accounts at the same time

  • EFS uses advanced and rigorous hardware and software solutions for network security, email and firewall devices; and has a complete system backup solution. All customer transaction data is kept strictly, and the best protection of customers' funds and interests.

  • The industry-recognized VeriSign SSL encryption and authentication service ensures high security for network and customer transactions. Use the highest standard of enhanced SSL credentials with Norton Secured Seal, search result stamping technology and daily website malware scanning. Customers are safe and reliable from search, browsing to trading.

    The company will only appear after verifying the operation qualification of the relevant company.

    Up to 256-bit website data encryption communication to ensure customer communication security

       Daily website malware scan detects any malicious code and further maintains network security

    Global network communication security expert Symantec, its products Norton, Verisign has always been an authority on website communication, anti-virus, anti-hacking, and fake website prevention.

    Norton Secured Seal is the most trusted mark on the Internet and is viewed by users over 650 million times a day on over 100,000 websites in 165 countries.

  • The EFS MetaTrader 4 trading platform and ECN trading platform are advanced and powerful, and have a leading position in the industry. MT4 brings together the latest developments in software technology to provide customers with a safe, reliable, efficient and convenient automated trading platform. The platform is easy to use, and customers can easily set up trading combinations to trade products such as foreign exchange, precious metals, energy, and stock index CFDs through a comprehensive account.

    MT4 provides dozens of system default technical indicators, investors can also develop or add their own technical indicators, with sophisticated advanced chart analysis tools, and effectively help investors to conduct market and investment analysis. In addition to flexible order trading functions, MT4 also provides news, quotes, chart analysis, indicator programming, alert alarms, email communications and more.

    EFS also provides customers with MT4 mobile phone platform. The MT4 mobile phone platform supports iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 2003 and above smartphone systems, allowing customers to trade on their smartphones or tablets anytime, anywhere.