About EFS

About Esteema Financial Solutions Limited.(EFS)

Esteema Financial Solutions Limited.

The parent company of Esteema Financial Solutions Limited was established in 2007 and accepts the world's most rigorous and comprehensive financial regulation. In 2012, EFS registered Esteema Financial Solutions Limited in Australia, focusing on expanding its global CFD trading business.

EFS Financial promotes Chinese brands for group corporate financial services and is committed to providing retail investor financial product transactions and services worldwide. The Group's founding team's 30-year financial investment history and financial platform's annual turnover of more than $135 billion has made it a global leader in the financial services industry.

EFS Financial offers a comprehensive range of capital market investment products: including foreign exchange, gold/silver, crude oil/natural gas, agricultural products, stocks and indices, while customers only need a single account to complete different products in major international markets. The company also offers different trading platforms for investors to choose from to meet the preferences of different investors. All product quotations of the company are based on financial exchanges and bank transaction prices, providing a high degree of transparency from quotation to transaction.

EFS world-renowned technology research and development capabilities, with its extraordinary electronic trading platform, EFS Finance has become the preferred partner of global capital market investors.

EFS is authorised by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and subject to its strict foreign exchange controls.

Company milestone

Esteema Financial Solutions Limited's parent company was founded in 2007 and is subject to the most stringent and perfect financial regulation in the world.

Esteema Financial Solutions Limited Online Trading Platform was launched in 2008 and provides real-time information to partners and subsidiaries.

Esteema Financial Solutions Limited pioneered CFD products for energy and commodities in 2010, hoping to provide a perfect trading experience for global investors.

Esteema Financial Solutions Limited launched the online trading platform EFS Trader 4 in 2011, bringing excellent performance and reliability to customers

Esteema Financial Solutions Limited acquired DECIFA Foreign Exchange and Precious Metals Client Business in 2011

Esteema Financial Solutions Limited was registered in Australia in 2012 to establish Esteema Financial Solutions Limited, which is dedicated to expanding global CFD trading business.

Esteema Financial Solutions Limited purchased the full name of Australian trader UAM Unicorn Asset Management in 2012

Esteema Financial Solutions Limited launched mobile trading applications for all its trading platforms in 2012

Esteema Financial Solutions Limited EFS officially entered the Asian market in 2012

Independent Separated Account

As one of the well-established regulations and consistent with the Client Asset Sourcebook, we place all client funds belonging to retail customers independently. The funds are deposited in a separate bank account of the primary bank and hold the trust to prove that the money belongs to the customer and cannot be transferred to any other EFS-related bank account.