About EFS

Risk Warning


  •  Foreign exchange margin trading is a high-risk investment. It is only suitable for individuals or company organizations that can face the full amount of loss transactions. Please make sure that if you lose the full amount of foreign exchange investment, it will not cause difficulties in life or the operation of the company. EFS provides extremely high leverage, and high leverage also increases the risk of loss. $2,000 can have a contract of $200,000, but when the exchange rate drops 1%, it will result in a loss of $2,000.

  •  Any opinion expressed by EFS and its representatives regarding the future trend of a certain currency is purely a point of view and does not guarantee in any way. EFS will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by trusting the information provided by the website, nor will it be liable for any loss caused by the delay, inaccuracy, error or omission of the information provided.

  •  Please understand the risks associated with trading with a network system, such as hardware, software, and network connectivity failures. Moreover, the connection of the network, the reception and transmission of the message, and the reliability of the connection transmission of the computer are not controlled by EFS. EFS is not responsible for errors, distortions, delays, etc. of the transmission of the message. EFS minimizes the possibility of system failure with a backup system and a proposed emergency situation plan, and at this point the customer can make a transaction by telephone.

  • This risk statement statement does not disclose all the risks and important issues of leveraged investments. From a risk perspective, in response to the risk of loss, please fully understand the nature of the contract (and contractual relationship) and the degree of risk faced before proceeding with the transaction. Please assess in detail whether it is suitable for such high-risk investments based on personal experience, objectives, financial resources and other relevant circumstances.

  • “Risk” exists in any field, and there is no investment or speculation in the absence of “risk”. When we describe risks, most of them adopt the concept of “relative risk”. Coupled with each person's risk awareness, the risk tolerance is different, and the risk is manifested in a variety of ways. Risks cannot be eliminated in “investment” or “speculation”. They can only adopt various methods to “limit” risks, limit risks, and control risks within their acceptable limits. From the dynamics of the domestic stock market, everyone can feel that if you use 10,000 yuan, the short-term fight in two days, the biggest gain is 10%, and the risk you take may be a loss of 5%. Suppose your maximum stop limit is 5%. However, in the foreign exchange margin trading, we still strictly set the stop loss principle, we calculate by 100 times leverage, the maximum stop loss you put into 10,000 US dollars is 5%, but the income may be 10% within 2 days, or may be 100 %, maybe even 500%. In other words, we also bear the limited risk of 5%, and the profit expectations we receive are completely different. The magnifying effect of the margin does not simultaneously amplify the risk when the profit forecast is amplified. Of course, this is under the conditions of strict risk control, but it is not easy to do this. Need constant experience, but if you don't even have strict risk control awareness, then stocks are not doing well.