About EFS

Our Service

EFS gives gold traders an excellent working environment in the gold market. The main goal of the EFS project is to meet the needs of entry-level traders and help them easily become gold trading experts and get investment success. Our trading terms and conditions are also suitable for gold experts. All these details make us feel that the EFS project is suitable for everyone and has a unique advantage.

Let's look at the eight main advantages of working with our company:

  • We offer an unbeatable fixed spread of at least 2 points. Therefore, a constant spread does not change with market activity.

  • For the order you place, we use immediate execution technology. In this case, the online trader does not need to make an inquiry before entering the gold market, as long as the position is opened and closed at the price it sees on the display.

  • With the help of automatic arbitrage technology, dealers are not required to participate in the transaction, and all orders are automatically executed. Moreover, the accounting process for accounts is highly automated, using the most popular electronic payment systems.

  • EFS offers a variety of trading tools, including gold spot and 11 currency indicators, giving gold traders the best chance to choose the most appropriate trading tool.

  • EFS provides gold traders with the most popular gold trading platform, EFS Trader 4.

  • To ensure the highest level of service quality, EFS provides three dedicated gold trading servers for virtual, small and real traders. Each gold trading server has a data center (customer access point) that is widely distributed around the world, providing customers with the fastest possible link to the gold trading terminal, enabling immediate access to the company's gold trading server.

  • Our company also provides a small amount of investment services for gold beginners, and also provides services to gold experts; therefore, we hire the most experienced gold experts and technical support team to provide services 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

  • For customers who want to earn a risk-free, gold-free transaction, EFS offers a wide range of partner opportunities, including competitive affiliate programs, referral broker programs, and white label programs.