know transactions

Trade time:

Summer season:Peking time 6:00 a.m. on Monday open for business and rest city at 5:00 A.M. Saturday. When winter make:Peking time 7:00 a.m. on Monday open for business and rested city at 5:00 A.M. Saturday American international off duty day the system terrace will rest city to stop trade and the EFS will advance in the terrace hair to rest the notice of the city.

Telephone bargain:

Such as can't cause the customer normally pass a network because of customer's local network reason and other not clear reason single carry on bargain at the computer top and bottom, can immediately stir to beat for 24 hours that the EFS provides for you, dish building telephone, carry on a telephone order.

Telephone bargain procedure is as follows:

The currency provided a bargain member your numbered account and password and wanted to trade, hand number. For example:My numbered account is 906, password 1234, please report a beautiful circle/ Yen 3 hand prices. Trade the member will provide a business double to quote toward the thin code toward you.Such as:Yen 121.33/37, quote then to 33/37 if you want bargain and tell the bargain member the price that you want to trade. Such as:I at 37 buy 3 hand Yens perhaps just say 37.If you don't think bargain, needing to be say has no matter to do. Never to the offer which trades a member to repeat you to hear, if you didn't listen to clear offer or think confirmation offer, can request to trade a member to again quote. If after you get offer, indetermination it complete rate of exchange, you can request that trading a member reports the big code to you.

Such as:The price which trades the member report beautiful circle/ Yen is 33/37; You can ask:How much is the big code ? ; Trade the member will tell you 121; Whether you just decide bargain or not can be also. While have no special elucidation circumstance, all bargains will see make a lately single operation, therefore, if you think an even camalig, please explain.We trade the job of member be help you to carry on more convenient bargain, so if have any question, please consult with toward them at any time.

The risk hint:

The foreign exchange trade of clinch a deal with market of variety close and related, at often appear big motion of time system would according to other bank offer but appear to briefly order bad auto space out, delay offer.If because trade the company's bargain price to have objection but gravamen camalig, customer oneself is responsible for end and output deficiency.


Sun and the price of accrual schedule to, have to with market the price has a triple the above distance and then can take effect now.Sun and the constitution of accrual:click contract of need to schedule to the even camalig with the right hand key, then choose "change or delete order form" in"terminal" the "trade", input Sun and accrual, press the modification then.Cancel Sun or accrual, can input in Sun or accrual price column 0, press the modification then.

The city field condition of the market turns a price probably a little bit super or above, such as the Sun price establish at 10, condition of the market possibility from 11, jump a while 05.So, system would at 05 carry on Sun but is not 10, because the market doesn't accept Gao in now the sell of price single bargain.Whereas under the circumstance of accrual, this commodity fair is clinch a deal with 10 prices, because this price at that time, the Gao requested buying at the market price.If meet market price to jump empty, Sun and accrual will after the market price jump get empty the one mouthful price clinch a deal, if need to hang a list to stay overnight, the next day is to jump empty the price open for business, stop order will with open for business after the one mouthful price clinch a deal and make a profit a list to clinch a deal by hanging a list.

The debarkation trades account

EFS 1 trades account and can't land in the meantime on two perhaps several computers(different IP address) in the meantime, if the customer breaches provision but cause customer's account of innocent loss the EFS be all irresponsible.

The hurl tells a processing

If the customer contains any question at the platform system bargain, perhaps system mistake can at any time contact your broker to perhaps land the contact of top of the official website of the EFS us to win, click hurl to tell mail contact, ask customer write clear your bargain account number and trade in the mail of order form number, will throw to tell of the contents writes in detail clear, also in the meantime can directly click hurl to tell suggestion column eyes, according to the format input one of your information point to hand over.The EFS will exert to quickly handle for you, and together your contact.