Online Trading

Trading Basics

Use the account to trade various online fx trading techniques based on fundamental and/or technical analysis. Run reports regularly to review your trading progression. This will allow the trader to adapt the correct style and improve on his/her trading plan.

Use this time to become acquainted with all the features our online fx trading platform has to offer, so you can utilize these tools towards becoming a more successful trader.

Keep a trading notepad:

Most successful traders keep a trading journal. They use this to track the results of all of their trades. Why they executed a certain trade? Was it based on fundamentals or a technical trigger? Why they chose the specific stop and limit orders associated with this trade? All of these questions are necessary for a trader to enhance their trading strategies.

Important elements of this journal are but not limited to the following information:

Time frame the trade was based on

Reason for entering the trade

Entry and exit prices

Strategy used to execute the trade

Risk-Reward ratio

Trading Off Exchange Foreign Exchange

Currencies involve significant risk and may not be suitable for everyone. Please read RISK DISCLAIMER before investing.