Agricultural products


Product Features

  • EFS agricultural futures are conducted in the form of CFDs, allowing real-time trading and two-way operation.

    Agricultural CFDs such as coffee, cocoa and cotton allow investors to benefit from transparent trading and gain an investment advantage.


Transaction Hour

  • Standard Time
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    * Our trading hours may be subject to change due to market holidays and US summer time adjustments. Please refer to our notice or contact our customer service team for the latest information.

    The deadline for calculating the cost of financial products and the associated data is: 20:00 GMT per day for daylight saving time in the United States and 21:00 GMT per day for the US winter time. All contracts that operate before this deadline will be displayed in the current day's data. The contract that operates after this deadline is displayed on the next trading day. Please note: The closing time of our products is not affected by this.


Trading rules

  • Coffee, sugar and cocoa have no price limit

    Cotton: 3 points above and below the transaction price on the previous trading day.

  • (selling price - purchase price) * contract face value * contract shares = profit and loss in US dollars

    *The above calculation process does not include commission fees.

  • (1) Interest calculation:
    There is no interest charge on futures CFDs.

    (2) Fund custodian fee:
    Storage fee rate * days * contract shares = storage fee


Transaction instance

  • A US coffee CFD has a face value of 50,000, a spread of 0.3 cents, a minimum change of 0.05 cents ($0.0005), and a margin requirement of $20000 per contract.

    Customers believe that insufficient coffee supply will cause prices to rise soon. In response to this situation, the customer decided to buy a coffee contract.

    The coffee price is 124.75/05, and the customer buys 4 lots at $125.05. A total of $8000 deposit is required. Customers need a minimum of $2000 deposit per transaction.

    The price of coffee rose to 125.45/75 as scheduled, and the customer responded to this information by closing the position, thus selling four contracts at 125.45. The customer has a profit of 0.4 points in the transaction.

    If the customer buys at 124.75 and sells at 125.45, then the 0.40 profit in US dollars is: 50,000 x ($1.2545 – 1.2505) = $200 per contract. The total customer profit is $800 ($200*4 contract quantity).

    Bid price 125.05 – sale price 125.45 +0.4 cents
    50,000 x ($1.2545 - $1.2505) +$200 per contract
    $200*4 contract quantity + $800 gross profit
    *The above calculation does not include commission fee

    *CFD contracts are based on futures contracts and the quoted price is not affected by the forward day/loan interest rate.