Gold Investment

Why invest gold

Investment experts have long-recommend portfolio diversification and that 10% to 20% (and sometimes more) of an investor's assets be devoted to tangible assets such as gold. That's prudent asset diversification strategy at any time. In today's uncertain political and economic environment, there are many (and very sound) reasons to consider investing in gold now. Here are three:

1、 Rare metals

Gold is Rare, beautiful, and unique. Treasured as a store of value for thousands of years, it is an important and secure asset. Paper currencies may come and go, but gold endures. It has maintained its long term value, is not directly affected by the economic policies of individual countries. With the exploration by man, the storage of the gold is reducing gradually and there is a great gap between supply and demand. The law of value and price decides the price of gold will upcreep on and on.

2、 Avoiding risk

Gold Have Been a Proven Safe-Haven in Times of War, Political Strife and Uncertainty. In our uncertain world of the 21st century, war, terrorism, nucleus crisis etc, it seems there will no peace and tranquil in the East Area. With the end of the Afghan war and the Ira war, the world enters into the panic for nucleus. As the most advantageous avoiding tools, gold is becoming the focus of market.

3、 Preserving value

Gold Have Been a Solid Hedge Against A Declining U.S. Dollar. Gold Can Offer Outstanding Price Appreciation and Profit Potential. Unlike paper investments (like stocks, bonds and currencies) that can and have become worthless overnight, gold have true intrinsic value . . . and, hence, will always be valuable.

4、 investment portfolio

Gold’ performance tends to move independently of other investments and of key economic indicators. Even a small weighting of Gold in an investment portfolio can help reduce overall risk.

5、 Resisting inflation

With the upcreep of raw material price and the inflation, the abase of purchasing power of currency, it is the above all issue for investor to consider how to preserve his own wealth. As a tool of preserving value, Gold can avoid the risk brought by inflation.