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Defer Expenditure

When the customer choose$1000 each round lots or higher security deposit standard, and buying a currency to medium the currency of opposite and high interest rate, the customer will earning a holdover fee.If the security deposit standard low Wu$1000, perhaps the customer choose$1000 security deposit standards but sell a currency to medium the currency of higher interest rate, all camalig will be taken a holdover fee.

Postpone the calculation Ji Wu the United States of fee with correspond national benefit bad.A certain currency is bad to the benefit of more big, postpone expenses more high.

Led 3:00(eastern America time) every afternoon, if the camalig hold of the customer have no even drop, the DealStation of the bargain terrace of FAOS Will take or pay a holdover fee according to the security deposit standard of the customer and the currency of the buying.The concrete expenses shows at the "postpone difference in amount" column eyes of terrace in, take a round lot as standard.Negative(-) value means that the customer pays to the amount of money of FAOS, the positive(+) value means that the FAOS pays to the customer's amount of money.Usually at American ET 3:00 p.m. previous few hour AOS Trader renew a holdover fee.

Postpone the fee has something to do with handing over to mow a day.In time the foreign exchange market hands over to mow the day as two days.The camalig set up on Monday hand over to mow a day on Wednesday.If the camalig openned on Monday once holds 3:00 p.m. into next trade a day, so handing over to mow a day will change into Thursday.Set up to combine to be postponed Thursday's camalig on Wednesday, hand over to mow a day then on next Monday(if this ising any to participate a market isn't a day off), because bank weekend doesn't do business and handing over to mow can't complete.

Each bargain has 1 to hand over to mow a day.If traded ready cash and be not settle in same days, so this trades and will be postpone.Postpone for a day each time, the customer will earning or pay holdover fee for a day.However, if the camalig postpones from Wednesday till Thursday, postpone expenses to need to plus Saturday and expenses of Sunday two days, is common 300%.The bank doesn't start practice this two days, so the actual currency hand over to mow and can't complete.The camalig set up on Friday, hand over to mow a day is next Tuesday, if postpone, produces holdover a fee for a day.

For example, customer's buying in Wednesday is a pound of round lot, sell USD in the meantime, and choose$1000 security deposit standards, his camalig once held an eastern America time 3:00 p.m., AOS Trade The holdover difference in amount which shows at this time is$2.50/-$12.50, the customer will earning$2.50 holdover fees, because the interest rate of pound compares USD Gao currently.But if the customer sells a pound, will be take$12.50 holdover fees, the condition for satisfying buying higher interest rate currency because of have no.